The Family Bakeshop


Four decades of baking for Colorado, generations of perfecting unique family recipes.

The Family Bakeshop is a locally owned Colorado based wholesale and residential bakery specializing in handmade, European-style pastries and other savory breakfast goods.

At the Family Bakeshop, we perform alchemy at night then rise and shine early for production to bring you our creative, freshly baked artisan pastries and breakfast products daily. We have a proven history that has embodied these principles since 1988.

The contributing factor to our long success?

Like many “American-made” stories, ours originated with two immigrants who bravely left everything behind in pursuit of a dream. Armed with teaching degrees, family recipes, and their passion for baking, they purchased a restaurant formerly called La Fontaines in Boulder, CO, and on that day, the birth of The Family Bakery became a reality.

The uniqueness of each pastry has been perfected over the years through continual travel, hands-on education and creativity.

Our products have been tastefully crafted with direct influences from Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, & France. Our loyal customers recognize these influences and have even labeled our pastries as “traditional innovations.”

While our story has evolved, the foundation for our success has remained the same:



small batch,

no added preservatives,

& baked fresh daily.


Our products are an accumulation of the last 4 decades of “sweetness” that we look forward to creating and sharing with you and the family.



Every day we look forward to immersing ourselves in the 

fresh buttery smells,

flaky transformations,

& melt in your mouth perfections

that we deliver to you.


We promise that you will be glad you did!

Our happy customers…

As a professional Barista in the specialty coffee industry based in Boulder, I’ve been serving Family Bakeshop pastries for close to 20 years. I have so many favorites from the Danishes to the caramel nut rolls, but the chocolate croissant is my #1!

Our customers rave about the tradition and consistency of the baked goods over the years and come into our cafe specifically to order them.

Nobody makes a poppyseed roll like Family Bakery!

Greg L.

Beleza Coffee Bar

We first found out about Family Bakehouse from a Mom’s group on Facebook.

Their customer service is very responsive and delivery is fast.

Our first order of Take and Bake came with very clear instructions, which made it so easy to have freshly baked pastries every week.

We love all their pastries and recommend them to our friends and family!


Family Bakery has the BEST pastries in town!

My kids grew up eating their poppy seed rolls, and request that I pre-order them whenever they come home to Boulder.

In fact, my daughter just packed some up to take back to NYC with her.

Hmmm… I guess that means they’re tastier than anything she can get in the Big Apple!


Boulder, CO

I have been purchasing rolls from Family Bakery since the early 90s and love them! My favorite from then until now has been the Poppy Seed Rolls.

I now travel from Colorado Springs to Longmont to purchase rolls for family, friends, office staff, special events.

Family Bakery has also made rolls via special request – smaller sizes for events and parties which we have had for family and friends.

It was always a joke in our Boulder office that I should not take a drug screening as I ate too many poppy seed rolls 🙂 However, walking 4-6 miles/day has allowed me to enjoy the poppy seed rolls, daily, when the take n bakes are in my freezer, and not gain too much weight.

When I began purchasing these rolls, it was from their bakery in Boulder, then their bakery in Longmont & then began purchasing frozen to bake at home. I freeze them and take them out for my guests, but also to give to family and friends as gifts. All of their rolls are fabulous and everyone to whom I give these rolls, want more :).

My kids always loved the Chocolate Croissants, but now (as adults) love the Poppy Seed rolls; my property manager loves the danish and friends and family will accept any of the rolls which I bake and give to them. These rolls have been given to friends and family in CO, WY, TX, MD, WA, OR; have been driven and flown to friends and family.

Well worth the effort and the reasonable pricing to enjoy such a wonderful treat!

Nikki Nichols

Family Bakehouse makes our family’s favorite pastries! The take and bake is so easy — just proof them overnight and bake for 10-12 minutes to get fresh gooey caramel rolls, perfectly flaky croissants, and sweet bites of a traditional danish.

And no one makes a Poppy roll like this bakery, they’re semi-sweet deliciousness.

Tammi S.

Boulder, CO